Maggie Olkuska, DFF
Director of Photography

When the sun shines

FICTION 85min, Denmark 2016 

A moving tale of love and friendship under the most sever circumstances.
Danish: "Når solen skinner"
Director, Editor: Frederik Barington
Producer: Lars Iversen
Cinematography: Maggie Olkuska

Danish Premiere: CPH:PIX Film Festival 28th October 2016,

Winner Best International Film & UK premiere at Manchester Film Festival 2017 , Mexico International Film Festival 2017


Documentary, +72 min, Denmark 

What happens, if you let a group of children loose on an empty construction site in Copenhagen and ask them to build a new society from scratch? Will they get along or rip each other’s heads off? Can they organise themselves into a community or will they form rival gangs?

DFI info

Director: Phie Ambo 

Prod: Malene Flindt Pedersen

Cinematography: Phie Ambo, Maggie Olkuska

Sony FS7 - FS5, 2.35:1, Color

Festivals: selected for the main competition, CPH:DOX AWARD 2019

Good Things Await

Documentary 90min, DENMARK 2014

A portrait of Niels Stokholm, an almost 80-year-old biodynamic farmer who runs his farm in accordance with spiritual laws. Danish: "Så meget godt i vente"

Variety Film Review

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Director: Phie Ambo

Cinematography: Phie Ambo, Maggie Olkuska  

Producer: Malene Flindt Pedersen

Editor: Theis Schmidt

Music composer: Jóhann Jóhannsson

Festival screenings: IDFA, SXSW, Berlinale, DOXA ,TIFF, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Sydney Film Festival

"...when you look away" 

Documentary 84min, Denmark 2017

Director: Phie Ambo 

Producer: Malene Flindt Pedersen for Hansen & Pedersen Film og Fjernsyn

Cinematography: Phie Ambo, Maggie Olkuska 

"Where are the limits of consciousness  and are we connected in ways we never knew? Phie Ambo asks these big questions in a filmic experiment with surprising answers. How far does consciousness reach? And are we maybe connected with each other in ways that we never knew?" 

Premiere: CPH DOX 2017 ,

Festivals: Hot Docs, IDFA, Sheffield Doc/Fest,Docs Against Gravity

Smagen af Danmark 

DR K TV, food series/program, 2018-2019 Denmark

Series Cinematographer

Season I: 5 episodes x 28min

Season II: 4 episodes  x 43 min 

Tv Host: Morten Lindberg, "Master Fatman"

Kunstnerens Lærling

DR K TV Series, 2 seasons, 2014-2015

Created by: Anders Morgenthaler

Prod: new creations, Denmark

9 x 28min, Lifestyle/Art, IMDB

In "Kunstnerens Lærling" we follow director and cartoonist Anders Morgenthaler as he becomes apprentice to various known, Danish artists for a day each.

Language: Danish 


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