WHEN THE SUN SHINES (Når Solen Skinner) - Drama 85min, Denmark 2016

Director: Frederik Barington, Producer: Lars Iversen, Director of Photography: Maggie Olkuska

Executive Producer: Anders Morgenthaler, Music: Kasper August Topp,

Sound: Christian Munk Scheuer, Cast: Elias Munk -"Sofus", Laura Kjær -"Sarah"

Danish Premiere: Debut Competition, CPH:PIX Film Festival 28th October 2016, Denmark
UK Premiere: Winner, Manchester Film Festival 3rd March 2017, UK 


"When you look away" (Når du kigger væk)

84 min Documentary, Denmark 2017, Director: Phie Ambo, Producer: Malene Flindt Pedersen for Hansen & Pedersen Film og Fjernsyn,

Cinematography: Phie Ambo, Maggie Olkuska Danish

"Where are the limits of consciousness  and are we connected in ways we never knew? Phie Ambo asks these big questions in a filmic experiment with surprising answers. How far does consciousness reach? And are we maybe connected with each other in ways that we never knew?" Premiere: CPH DOX 2017 

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