"Scandinavian Star" - Danish Documentary, Dir: Mikala Krogh,  2017 -

"Apolonia" - a full-length documentary Dir: Lea Glob 2016 - 

"Untitled" - a new full-length documentary by Phie Ambo 2017 - 


"When you look away"
84 min Documentary, Dir: Phie Ambo, Denmark 2017

"When the Sun shines"
fiction/drama, 85min Dir. Frederik Barington, Denmark 2016

"Kunstnerens Lærling"
DR K, Documentary TV Series Season 1, 2 (10 episodes x 30min) Dir: Anders Morgenthaler, Denmark 2015/2016

"Whole Me"
short documentary, 7min, Polish Film School Lodz, 2016

"Bonnie and a thousand men"
Documentary, 90min, Dir. Mette Korsgaard, 2015

“Good Things Await” 
Documentary, 95 min, Dir: Phie Ambo, 2014

“The Newsroom - Of The Record”
Documentary, 95min, Dir: Mikala Krogh (Camera, 2nd unit), 2014

"Theatre of Voices: Songs from the Soil" 
short documentary, 40min, Dir: Phie Ambo, 2014

Camera Operator / AC


Altid har en begyndelse
Den Danske Filmskole, 30 min documentary, directed by Marie Limkilde, camera operator, Denmark 2017

A Modern Man
85 min Documentary, additional cinematography/camera operator
Denmark 2017, CPH:DOX

B-foto, 10 Ep. Fiction mini-series, DR3, Dir: Martin Skovbjerg, new creations, Denmark 2015

Freistatt (Sanctuary)
2nd AC, Drama, 100 min, Dir: Marc Brummund Zum Goldenen Lamm Film Production, Germany 2014

The 11th Hour (I am here)
Thriller, 97min, Dir: Anders Morgenthaler Producer: Marie Gade, Julie Lind-Holm ZENTROPA & One Two Films, Denmark/ Germany 2014

Forældrefduser Commercial
Camera Operator, TV Campaign, New Creations, Denmark 2015

IKEA Germany
Camera assistant, TV Commercial, Dir: Sebastian Schipper DOP: Sturla Brandth Grøvlen Radical Media Berlin, Germany 2013

Maggie Olkuska, DFF, ICFC

20152016 -  took a training in Direction of Photography at The Polish National Film, Television & Theatre School in Łódź, Poland. 

2011 - Københavns Tekniske Skole, Copenhagen; Film & TV Production, 1-year Basic Training  

Member of The Danish Association of Cinematographers DFF and The International Collective of Female Cinematographers ICFC since May 2017

CV: Résumé (PDF)

Born in Kraków, Poland, Based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Available to work and travel worldwide. 


When I was 15, I have started to make movies, because in the first place so many filmmakers & films inspired me to be a more aware human, to love more, to express myself, to think for myself and to feel deeper. Therefore, I wanted to give back what I once got. I aim to create beauty on the screen. Using cinematography, light and the tools given, it is my passion to stream inspiration, passion, truth, feelings and emotions to the world. 

I am deeply privileged to do what I do, I am passionate about my work, whenever it's diving deeply into the pre-production process and storyboards of a fictional piece, or getting to know the characters and real life stories of real people within a documentary. I am open for new collaborations on fictional features/dramas, commercial work and documentaries. 

In the meantime, I work on my directional debut documentaries and short fiction, mainly about our environment, food production or sexuality. 

Technical Skills: 

I've worked my way up the ladder, from being a runner, clapper and light technician on sets, to learning how to perform DIT job or how to convert files and work as an assistant editor or doing simple animations in After Effects. 

I am a proficient user of Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Final Cut.  I am able to use Adobe After Effects, Da Vinci Resolve. 

Other skills: 

- 3 years in a music school - piano

- 3 years in the Gdansk Primary school's Theatre (01/03)

- 3 years training tennis, Sopot, Poland (05/07)

- written and won several screenwriting contest while attending primary school 

- my favourite (extended level) subjects in high school were: Visual Arts, Biology, Psychology, TOK - Theory of Knowledge

- snowboarding & skiing since 15 years


Film Review: ‘Good Things Await’ by

Film Review: When the Sun shines by QuaysNews

My interests and film inspirations: Blog post

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