Maggie Olkuska Cinematographer


Maggie Olkuska - Cinematographer.

I was born in Kraków, Poland, and now I’m based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Growing up I lived in different places, and was surrounded by talented, creative, at times challenging but open-minded people. Such an upbringing has brought me many insights about life. This allows me to create diverse atmospheres and emotions through the creative use of cameras and lighting. Movies have inspired me to feel, to see, to question and to touch the unknown. Since the first time I held a camera, I knew I would love to make people feel more, see more, question more and take them to places they have never experienced before.

I came into the film world with an open mind, ready to learn different crew positions, editing, being a runner, color correction, still photography, assisting, DIT, directing, yet, working with cameras and light felt the most aligned with my heart.

Recent Projects

"Smagen af Danmark (The Taste of Denmark)"

Documentary TV Series, 6 x 30min, Danish National TV, Danmarks Radio, Denmark 2017

"When you look away" 

Documentary (co-cinematographer) , 84 min, Dir: Phie Ambo, "Når du kigger væk", Denmark 2017 

"When the Sun shines"

Fiction, 85min, Dir. Frederik Barington, Denmark 2016

"Kunstnerens Lærling"

Documentary TV series, Season 1-2 (10 episodes x 30min) Dir: Anders Morgenthaler, DR Denmark 2014-2016

"Whole Me (Cały Ja)"

short documentary, 7min, Polish Film School Lodz, Poland 2016

"Bonnie and a thousand men"

TV Documentary, 90min, Dir. Mette Korsgaard, 2015 (co-cinematographer)

“Good Things Await” 

 full-length Documentary, 95 min, Dir: Phie Ambo,  "Så meget godt i vente", Denmark 2014 (co-cinematographer)

"Theatre of Voices: Songs from the Soil" 

short documentary, 40min, Dir: Phie Ambo, Denmark 2014

“The Newsroom - Of The Record”

 full-length Documentary, 95min, Dir: Mikala Krogh (2nd unit), 2014 

Camera Operator / AC 

Herrens Veje, season 2
Fictional Series, 10 Episodes, Danmarks Radio DR1, 2018 , 2nd unit cinematographer

Altid har en begyndelse
Den Danske Filmskole, 30 min documentary, directed by Marie Limkilde, camera operator, Denmark 2017

A Modern Man
85 min Documentary, additional cinematography/camera operator
Denmark 2017, CPH:DOX

Freistatt (Sanctuary)
2nd AC, Drama, 100 min, Dir: Marc Brummund Zum Goldenen Lamm Film Production, Germany 2014

The 11th Hour (I am here)
Thriller, 97min, Dir: Anders Morgenthaler Producer: Marie Gade, Julie Lind-Holm ZENTROPA & One Two Films, Denmark/ Germany 2014

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