Maggie Olkuska
Director of Photography, DFF

"Touch me" - comedy/drama directed by Lars Kaalund, Premieres 2022

Camera work

Touch me

Touch me is the upcoming Danish comedy drama, directed by Lars Kaalund, produced by Deluca film. The film will be released in November 2021 in Danish cinemas. Read more at:

CPH:DOX Film Festival 2020 

Four of the documentary film projects that I worked, were screened in the competition at CPH:DOX film festival, which took place from the 19th to 29th March 2020 in Denmark. 

"A Colombian Family"  Feature documentary, Main DOP, 80min, Directed by Tanja Wol Sørensen, Denmark 2020

"Imagining my father" hybrid documentary, 25min, Directed by Emil N. Munk, Main DOP, Denmark 2019

"Rebeccas Rum" Directed by Grid Tind Mikkelsen, additional cinematography, Denmark 2020 

"Scandinavian Star" - Documentary Series - Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Premieres at CPH:DOX 2020

DOX.Fest München Festival 

"Congratulations! Maggie Olkuska & Phie Ambo wins the ARRI AMIRA Award 2019 for their camerawork in Phie Ambo's Film REDISCOVERY! 

„We literally feel the sun and the wind on our skin. [...] With curiosity and passion, Maggie Olkuska and director Phie Ambo convey the emergence of a unique micro-society.“

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