Maggie Olkuska, DFF
Director of Photography


Capturing your essence

Inside Out 

Cinematographer & Photographer
Maggie Olkuska, DFF
Copenhagen, Denmark

Our Workflow

1. Our Connection

We connect, talk and exchange ideas. What would you like to capture, what do we want to convey with the visuals? 

We will pre-visualise our session before we meet. 

Additionally, I would like to know more about where would you like to use the photos, do you need any specific size or format? 

We agree on the shooting schedule, time and locations. 

2. Preparation

I send you a technical document/info, stating which colours, textures work well for photography for the best visual outcome. 

3. On set/location

We meet and bring our ideas alive. We follow our pre-visualised ideas, and we also stay open to the flow of life and inspiration all around us to capture your essence. 

I bring my openness, camera, light and we create some great memories together. 

A shot usually takes:

2 - 5 hours

(+ transport)

4. Color Correction, Delivery

After the shot, I color grade the best chosen photographs (usually 35-100) and deliver them to you within 10 days. I  gently work with skin softness and colours. I do not remove big marks/wrinkles, but if you want to have any post-production changes done, please let me know in advance.  I can re-color the photographs up to 2 times within the 21 days from the shot. 

Afterwards, the photographs are fully  yours, you will have a DROPBOX link with all of the best ones, and I might ask you to use a few on my website. 

Take a look at the variety of photographs captured within one session:

Nadia (Dropbox link)

Sara (Dropbox link)

Natascha (Dropbox link)

Your Investment 

The half day portrait photoshoot: 3500 DKK 

(including  25% VAT EU)

You can get an invoice, which you can deduct from your company expenses (with DK/EU Vat).

I am located in Copenhagen, and the sessions can take place in the greater Copenhagen area, in your home, outdoors or in a professional Photo studio (+ additional 600 DKK for 3 hours). 

If photo sessions are outside of Copenhagen, or outside of Denmark, the  cost of transport is added. 


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