Maggie Olkuska, DFF
Director of Photography

Let's inspire a new generation of filmmakers

It is a privilege for me to engage with enthusiastic teenagers who possess a deep interest in the art of filmmaking. I find great fulfilment  in conveying all that I have learned about film and cinematography, sharing my story, my progress, and growth. 

In my workshops, I combine theoretical teachings with captivating visual presentations and hands-on exercises, providing students with the necessary cinematic tools to effectively communicate their visual stories. Through the filmmaking process, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, envisioning our narratives and exploring the intricate realm of emotions and colours. 

Together, we contemplate the essence of our storytelling. We discover who we are throughout the filmmaking process, we pre-visualise our films, and we talk about emotions and colours. What do we convey in our stories? What are our cinematic tools and how can they help us convey our message? Collaboration, teamwork, good planning, and adaptability to dynamic on-set changes are key points within my teaching curriculum.

"Your purpose is not the thing you do. It is what happens in others when you do what you do."

Caroline Leaf

My teaching experience includes:

Filmhøjskolen på Møn  - Film college Møn, Denmark

main cinematography teacher, students aged 18-29,  

Years Active: 2023 - ongoing,

Station Next film school, Avedøre, Denmark

Supplementary cinematography teacher,  

Students aged 14-19, Years Active: from 2020 - ongoing

Krogerup Højskole, Denmark

complimentary cinematography workshops in 2024

The Danish National Film School

documentary cinematography and narrative film concept development

complimentary cinematography workshops in 2023

Examples of students' short films produced under my supervision

Graduating Short / Year 2023 / Filmhøjskolen Møn 

Ida and Laura reunite to scatter their late father's ashes at Møns Klint, where they had spend a lot of time as children. They haven't seen each other since their parents' divorce. Laura escaped from their father's alcoholism, while Ida maintained contact. The sisters meet in their father's old car and have very different views on how his ashes should be scattered. Laura wants to get it over with quickly, but Ida wants to stay in the memory for as long as possible. 

Graduating project / 

Station Next film school, Denmark, 2020 

"Himmelbarnet" (Trailer)

"At åbne rum" 

educational film book, Denmark 2024

"To open a room", Artistic film education with teenagers - is published by Station Next film school and Aalborg University. 

14 filmmakers and teachers present and invite to their techniques of teaching film. Louise Leth, a documentary film director described how we worked on her feature documentary “See me as I am”. A film about a teenager Rima, who is having big dreams for life, despite her autism diagnosis. 

The book is written in Danish and you can buy it here:

Read more about "See me as I am" documentary. 

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Maggie Olkuska, DFF
Copenhagen, Denmark

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