Maggie Olkuska, DFF
Director of Photography


Maggie Olkuska, DFF 

Director of Photography

Member of The Danish Association of Cinematographers DFF 
and The International Collective of Female Cinematographers ICFC 

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I was born in 1991 in Krakow, Poland, and I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I came into the film industry with a desire to bring life-changing, inspiring, great, memorable, stories and ideas into life. Growing up, movies made me think, feel, made me connect with other people, made me question more, and I knew I wanted to give this back to future generations. In 2012 I studied Film & TV production at Technical College in Denmark, then I attended the Polish National Film, Television & Theatre School in Łódź, Poland for Direction of Photography between 2015-2016.

When I work with creating a visual style for a film, I start by listening and observing. I am here to tell your (director's) story in the most aligned way. Therefore when I choose a project, know that I will be fully committed to supporting your vision, while bringing my own insights, creativity and experience to help you bring your film into reality. 

I am passionate about diving deeply into colours, Nature, earth elements and human emotions, all that I feel, surrounding us around the world, elements that we can all relate to. Embracing the dialogue of emotions plays a huge role in my work. I am interested in working with technology, light physics, as well as I let my heart and intuition guide me through the process.

My intention to work with light is to create unique and aligned visual atmospheres on set to help a director tell a story, to guide the audience through the balance between light and shadow. Another priority of mine is to provide a space for actors on set by creating an environment where they can act, perform or improvise freely. In addition, I like operating all types of cameras and I have a talent for using my own body language to bring audience closer to the characters. Each new collaboration allows me the opportunity to grow and adjust to each new story we tell. 

I am committed to working on projects which are pro-humanity and pro-life, which can inspire us to think, to feel, to sense, to laugh more and to embrace all that we are, to bring out what is best in us. 

In recent years I have had wonderful opportunities to film in a variety of countries such us: Denmark, Norway, Poland, Germany, Malta, Nepal, Cuba, Tanzania, Philippines and Colombia. 

Some of these films were screened at international festivals, such is: IDFA, CPH:DOX, Berlinale, SXSW, CPH:PIX, Manchester Film Festival, Dok.Fest München, Sydney Film Festival, TIFF...

My recent projects include:

Smagen af Danmark, Season 1-2
Food TV Series, 4 x 43min and 5 x 28min, chef DOP,  DR K TV, Denmark 2017-2019

Documentary, Dir Phie Ambo,  72min, Denmark 2019

Mine Fire fædre
Fiction, 21min, Dir Emil N. Munk, Denmark 2019

...when you look away
Documentary, 84 min, Dir: Phie Ambo, Denmark 2017

When the Sun shines
Feature, Drama, 85min, Dir. Frederik Barington, Danish: "Når Solen Skinner", Denmark 2016 

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