Maggie Olkuska, DFF
Director of Photography

Danskere i verden (Danes in the world)

TV Premiere, DR 1 TV Sunday 20:00, 12.03.2023

6 x 60min, Reportage accompanied by Drama Sequences


Last year I had a chance to work on 4 short narrative, period drama films, directed by Kasper Torsting, which are implemented in the new DR 1 TV program “Danskere I Verden” (Danes in the world), The first episode starts it’s journey in Australia 1854, following danish gold explorers/miners, Claus Grøn and his colleague, Peter.

Episode 3: USA, Hollywood 1930s

A scene from Episode 3, watch the entire episode at: (Available in Denmark)

Episode 4: Asia, China, 1937

Episode 1: Australia 1850s


Drama Parts Directed by Kasper Torsting 

Production Designer: Helle Kirstine Egsgaard
Costumes: Signe Isabella Blicher

DOP: Maggie Olkuska, DFF
Gaffers: Kristoffer Bruhn, Malik Thomas Bruun
1st AC: Christian Helskov, Gustav Stork
2nd AC: Jeppe Myhlendorph
DJI Ronin operator: Jonathan David Damborg, SteadyCam: Lars Nørlund

Camera tests made with / Senior Color Correction coordinator: Norman Nisbet
Local grader DR: Kåre Andreas Nejmann

1st AD: Astrid Hoder, Frederik Hermin
Research/extras: Sofie Urhammer
Production: Kirstine Rosenbæk, Sofie Furuhatt Rønning, Marianne Abildskov, Cecilie Cedergren 
DR: Anne Blume Futtrup, Karin Brøgger 

Behind the Scenes / Photos PRESS DR TV

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