Maggie Olkuska, DFF
Director of Photography

Rediscovery (Genopdagelsen)

Documentary, 72 min, Denmark 2019

What happens, if you let a group of children loose on an empty construction site in Copenhagen and ask them to build a new society from scratch? Will they get along or rip each other’s heads off? Can they organise themselves into a community or will they form rival gangs? DFI info 

Director: Phie Ambo

Prod: Malene Flindt Pedersen

Cinematography: Phie Ambo & Maggie Olkuska

Edit: Theis Schmidt

Music: Johan Carøe

Sony FS7, FS5, 2.35:1

You can buy and stream the film online on Vimeo:

WINNER of the Arri Amira Award at Dok.Fest München 2019 for outstanding camerawork in a documentary film 

The jury's statement:

In REDISCOVERY, 47 children and young people experience special education in a ten-week education project in a small forest oasis in the middle of Copenhagen: They are confronted with many questions of life in nature and through nature.

The camera lovingly observes how this creates a self-motivating process in which people build, calculate, discuss, fight and manage. With curiosity and passion the camerawoman Maggie Olkuska and the director Phie Ambo convey to us the emergence of a unique micro society.

Through an emotional visual language two perspectives become visible and perceptible for us: the perspective of the children as well as that of nature. We spectators literally feel the sun and the wind on our skin. The images succeed in appealing to all our senses and making nature a pleasure to experience.

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