Maggie Olkuska, DFF
Director of Photography

See me as I am

Documentary, 72min, Denmark 2022 

Directed by Louise Leth-Espensen 

Produced by Elk Film 

OFFICIAL SELECTION, CPH:DOX Film festival 2022 Denmark 

Heart-warming youth film about family and friendship, about a young woman’s struggle to find her place in the world, despite her autism. ‘Just be yourself’, says Rima on her way into adulthood.

Teenage girl Rima balances on the edge between childhood and adulthood and, diagnosed with autism, struggles to find her path in life.
Rima knows she is different, but she has never perceived her autism as something limiting. 'Just be yourself' has always been her mantra and advice to her classmates who, like her, have 'special needs'.
We meet Rima in a turbulent time that forces her to find her own path into adulthood and overcome the limited opportunities society offers.

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Director Louise Leth

Producer Miriam Nørgaard

Director of Photography Maggie Olkuska, DFF & Louise Leth

Editor Sofie Steenberger

Sound Andreas Sandborg

Composer Johan Carøe,  Sofie Birch

Production country Denmark

Production company Elk Film

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