Maggie Olkuska, DFF
Director of Photography

Danskere i verden DK (Danes in the world ENG)

TV Premiere, DR 1 TV Sunday 20:00, 12.03.2023

6 x 60min, Reportage accompanied by Drama Sequences


Last year I had a chance to work on 4 short narrative, period drama stories, directed by Kasper Torsting, which are part of the program “Danskere I Verden” (Danes in the world), The first episode starts it’s journey in Australia in 1854. We are following the footsteps of the danish gold explorers, Claus Grøn and his colleague, Peter.

Danish National TV DR1

Episode 3: USA, Hollywood 1930s

A scene from Episode 3, watch the entire episode at: (Available in Denmark)

Episode 4: Asia, China, 1937

Episode 1: Australia 1850s


Drama Parts Directed by Kasper Torsting 

Production Designer: Helle Kirstine Egsgaard
Costumes: Signe Isabella Blicher

DOP: Maggie Olkuska, DFF
Gaffers: Kristoffer Bruhn, Malik Thomas Bruun
1st AC: Christian Helskov, Gustav Stork
2nd AC: Jeppe Myhlendorph
DJI Ronin operator: Jonathan David Damborg, SteadyCam: Lars Nørlund

Camera tests made with / Senior Color Correction coordinator: Norman Nisbet
Local grader DR: Kåre Andreas Nejmann

1st AD: Astrid Hoder, Frederik Hermin
Research/extras: Sofie Urhammer
Production: Kirstine Rosenbæk, Sofie Furuhatt Rønning, Marianne Abildskov, Cecilie Cedergren 
DR: Anne Blume Futtrup, Karin Brøgger 

Behind the Scenes / Photos PRESS DR TV

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