Maggie Olkuska, DFF
Director of Photography

Krag og Virkner  - Drama & Documentary

TV Series DR 1 

When the Danish politician Jens Otto Krag and the famous film star Helle Virkner becomes a couple, it is the love story of the century. ‘Krag & Virkner’ takes us back to the Danish history between 1945-1978 and portrays the life of the Danish actress Helle Virkner and her husband, politician and the Danish Prime Minister - Jens Otto Krag. Krag & Virkner is a love story between two people, but it is also a story about their life, challenges, passions, politics and divorce.

Director, Thure Lindhardt

Tech Director, Mathias Broe

Color Grader, Norman Nisbet

Gaffer, Paweł Józwicki

1st AC, Maciej Król 

Starring: Thure Lindhardt as Jens, Katrine Greis-Rosenthal as Helle 

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Produced by Monday Productions for DR1, Danish National TV

Premiered on the 22nd of May 2022

IMDB  / PRESS / Danish

Cinematographer's  Preview / Reel from the series (2min)

Visual Concept development 

My role on this project was to create a visual style, a visual movement in colour and light which combined the drama parts set back in the 40s to 70s with the current day interviews. A style which I developed with the director, Thure Lindhardt,  technical dir: Mathias Broe with our creative team and technical team, and with our colourist Norman Nisbet. We collaborated together from the early camera tests in pre-production to shaping light atmospheres on the set - to the final stages of the colour correction in the post production. 

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"INNOVATION OF THE YEAR" Krag & Virkner, produced by Monday Production for DR1 and DRTV.

"The jury says: They have succeeded in telling a classic story in a new and original way. It is a well-acted and alluring love story that touches us, and we can sense a real passion for storytelling. The production value is incredibly high, and the interaction between reenactments, archive and the fictional techniques is top notch. It simply blew us away!” (translated from Danish)

Scene 2, Episode 2

Scene 1, Episode 2

TV Intro

Our light and camera team

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