Maggie Olkuska, DFF
Director of Photography

Tag min hånd (Hold my hand)

 Feature film, Romantic Drama, Comedy, 115 min, Denmark 2022

Directed by Lars Kaalund

Produced by Deluca Film

Starring: Mille Diensen, Ulrik Thomsen, Troels Kortegaard Ullerup, Mia Lyhne

Chef Gaffer: Noah Lynnerup

Colourist: Norman Nisbet

1st AC: Ivan Molina

Camera: Alexa Mini + Cooke S2, Ratio: 1:2.35

Cinema premiere: 27th January 2022 (Biografklub danmark)

Syopsis: Maja is a controlling and comfort seeking woman with extremely strict routines. She lives a harmonic, suburban life with her husband, teenage son, and a job as a specialist doctor at Skejby Hospital. All of this until one day, her husband suddenly wants a divorce. After a couple of desperate attempts to get him back, Maja realises that she has lost the battle. The comfort-loving Maja must now try to find her feet on wobbly ground in her new and chaotic life which includes an ailing economy, an incomprehensible ex-husband, a young lover, and a teenage son in trouble. The movie is a romantic comedy about all the drama that follows when one is trying to find one’s place in this world, all while trying to unite work, parenting, and love into perfect bliss.  DFI 

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